September 2014




I wish I could tell you that all of our stories end with a happy ending, but I can’t. Though most of the animals we do save end up in loving homes, there are some that are too far gone, and we’re left with no choice but to send them on their way to puppy heaven. For this month’s Pet of the Month, we meet Angel and her brothers and sisters.  It was a very hot July afternoon when a compassionate person found Angel and her litter mates. Seven puppies, all were abandoned in a rural area with no houses to seek shelter from the extreme heat. A passerby saw them playing in the middle of a narrow country lane, but didn’t stop right away.  Heading home to put away groceries, the Good Samaritan couldn’t get those puppies out of her mind, and decided to drive back by the field to see if they were still there. By the time she arrived, it was by this time pouring down rain!

She rescued seven puppies that day and immediately took them home, and then contacted one of the founders of Second Chance Pet Group for help. By the time Second Chance Pet Group arrived the next morning, the Good Samaritan  found two more puppies…nine puppies in all! The Good Samaritan found a loving home for one, and turned over custody of eight puppies to the Second Chance Pet Group, who quickly found a foster home for Angel and her litter mates.

angel 2Angel and her brother’s and sisters had a rough start. Despite deworming, quality food and care, they became ill and three of Angel’s siblings passed away.  We really don’t know what happened; but it was a sudden onset with deadly results.  The Veterinarian treating Angel and her litter mates informed us that it might be possible they were so heavily infested with worms that they couldn’t survive the deworming process due to the toxicity of the dying worms. But regardless, the Veterinarian and their staff did everything they could to insure that the remaining puppies and Angel survived.

Four of Angel’s litter mates were taken to a No Kill Shelter, neutered, and placed for adoption on July 27, 2014. They have since found loving homes.

Angel 3As for Angel, she remained behind with her foster family. For she contracted an eye infection and was subsequently rendered blind.  Her foster family took care of her, treating her with antibiotics and eye ointment, giving her the much needed love and attention she deserved. Then a miracle happened! Upon her next Veterinarian visit it was determined that Angel’s eyesight was restored.  Completely healed, Angel was taken to the same No Kill Adoption center where her litter mates went, and she too was spayed, making her ready for her forever home.  She was shortly adopted there after.

Angel is fearless and will prove to be a great companion dog when adopted by the right family. For she will require a firm alpha owner to provide her with the loving home she deserves.





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