September 2015



Dobbin is a sweet dog who we believe was abandoned. Dobbin was found on the porch of a house. The people who lived there kept him for two weeks before putting him into the foster care where he lived with five dogs and two cats. While he was there he quickly latched onto one of them.20150729_102948

Before going into Foster Care, Dobbin was taken to the doctor’s where he was treated and given all of his shots.

20150729_103051Dobbin took a little while to settle in, and he didn’t like being left alone. After one week he felt more secure and his confidence returned. At the end of ten days he was comfortable and more independent. Dobbin is sweet and at time still latches on to those who are caring for him. He is very loyal.

Dobbin is a true companion dog, who loves laps and spending time on the couch. If you’re lucky, he will even sleep under the covers with you!

Thank you to the people at Second Chance Pet Group for finding Dobbin his forever family.