October 2014



Huckleberry 2

Everyone please say hello to Huckleberry! Huckleberry came to us by way of the Rhea County Animal Shelter in Spring City, Tennessee. When the volunteers showed up one cool October morning, Huckleberry was found in a small box lying on a t-shirt. He was 6 to 8 weeks old, scared and cold. Unable to care for Huckleberry, the Rhea County Animal Shelter called the Second Chance Pet Group to see if we could foster him.

Huckleberry 3Second Chance Pet Group eagerly took Huckleberry and placed him with one of their many wonderful volunteers to foster and care for the young pup. Huckleberry’s new foster human’s took him home, gave him a warming bath, lots of food, and a comfy place to sleep. When Huckleberry woke, he found out he was no longer alone…he had 5 new dog cousins and 3 strange cats he could now play with.

It didn’t take Huckleberry long to become best buddies with a large 55lb black Lab and a small cat…he was now part of the Three Amigo’s!

HuckleberryHuckleberry and his new besties, would play all day long, having fun and getting into a bit of mischief, but Huckleberry was happy that his new foster human’s didn’t mind. At night, when the foster human’s slept, Huckleberry would curl up with his friends, and wait for the sun to rise the next day. He really loved his new foster family.

Huckleberry thrived and grew while with his foster human’s until it was time for the Second Chance Pet Group to take him to Atlanta. Huckleberry was sad to say goodbye to his besties, but was eager to meet his forever family, that day came on October 28, 2014.

The Second Chance Pet Group would like to thank the Rhea County Animal Shelter for all their hard work, and giving us the chance to meet and take care of Huckleberry. For more information about the Rhea County Animal Shelter, please see below.

Rhea County Animal Shelter

Thomas Wilson
9118 Back Valley Rd.,
Evensville, TN 37332


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