November 2014


Annie 2 9-30-2014


Annie is a shepherd/mix who was dropped off on the side of the highway and waited for her family to return to get her.  She stayed by the highway and watched the cars go by for a few days and they never came back for her.  A very nice lady lived up the hill and saw her and gave her water and food, but didn’t know what to do about her.  She finally called Second Chance Pet Group to see if they could help, because she couldn’t keep Annie and she didn’t want her to get hit on the road while she waited for her family to come back and get her.  Second Chance didn’t have an available foster for Annie, so they asked if the lady had a place to keep her safe – a garage, barn something to keep her safe and out of the weather.

Annie 9-30-2014She fixed Annie up in a horse stall that was closed in and comfortable for her.  Annie had food and water and toys to keep her busy.  The people from Second Chance came and gave her shots and wormer in preparation for being transported to her forever home.  Annie was only 6 months old.

When the day came for Annie to go on her trip to be spayed, and then to find her forever home, it was sad day for the lady who had been housing her, as well as the Second Chance Pet Group. They all loved this wonderful, loving girl. However they all knew that Annie would find a home of her own and people that would love her.

Annie 3Annie met her forever family on October 1st 2014. Annie now lives in a wonderful home where she has other fur buddies and three wonderful women who love her.

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