May 2015

A Bushel of Kittens

It doesn’t happen very often but here at Second Chance Pet Group we do get kittens. Yes, we get the soft cute cuddly ones and even the older ones in desperate need of a good home. For the month of May we have a bushel of kittens to talk about. These kittens are special because they all come from different litters and yet became one big family.

Digital Camera
Braveheart & Buffy

Their story started when left alone to their own devices, they managed to find each other. They were found on the side of a road up on Dayton Mountain in Beldsoe County by one of our foster parents. The oldest, Braveheart was only two months old and the ring leader of this rag-tag bushel of kittens. The next two, Marmalade and Calico Jane, then believe it or not two seven to ten day old kittens named Buffy and Mustafa.

Digital Camera
Calico Jane

Thanks to Braveheart and his strength and determination this two month old kitten did what he could to keep his new brothers and sisters alive until help arrived. If it wasn’t for Braveheart, God only knows what would have happened to the little ones and now he’ll never have to know.





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Thanks to the help and love from the Second Chance Pet Group and the good family that found them, Braveheart and his rag-tag bushel of kittens were saved and loved by a foster family until it was their time to head to Atlanta.



Digital Camera

Here at Second Chance Pet Group we wouldn’t have been able to save Braveheart and his brothers and sisters without the love and support from our foster friends. So on behalf of Braveheart and his rag-tag bushel of kittens, we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do. You are the reason we can do what we do in helping find forever homes for all of Beldsoe County’s unwanted puppies and kittens.

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