March 2016

The Second Chance Puppies

~Hoarding is one of the most egregious forms of animal cruelty, affecting tens of thousands of animals – mostly cats and dogs – in communities nationwide. It is likely that up to a quarter million animals–250,000 per year–are victims of hoarders. What’s more, records kept by ALDF indicate that in the last four years, the number of reported hoarding cases has more than doubled. In terms of the number of animals affected and the degree and duration of their suffering, hoarding is the number one animal cruelty crisis facing companion animals in communities throughout the country.

Georgio 3GeorgioKent 2KentLaverneShirley 2

We at Second Chance Pet Group wish that in our beautiful state of Tennessee we were free from such atrocities but that is not the case. This is the story of a group of puppies we have rescued from such a horrendous life…these are our Second Chance Puppies!

Georgio, Armani, Laverne, Shirley, Clark & Kent are our first group of puppies that were saved from a hoarder in Eastern Tennessee.  We were called and made aware of the situation regarding the puppies and immediately took action. However, when we arrived, we were astounded by what we saw. Unable to take all of them, we took the six and immediately got them the help they needed, by way of food, vet visits and loving care.

After a while, we took the Second Chance Puppies to the Atlanta Humane Society, where they were instantly adopted into their FOREVER FAMILIES.

We at the Second Chance Pet Group in NO WAY condone or accept the hoarding of ANY ANIMALS. It is our belief that these perpetrators should be fined and punished for their lack of regard to all animals. Hoarding is a serious crime punishable by large monetary fines even jail time. If you know of or see a person hoarding, please call your local law enforcement immediately. Animals hurt too. Save an Animal…Save a life.