June 2014


Scruffy’s Success Story


The weather was getting warm, but after the frigid winter, she needed to find a place to sleep. She didn’t know what was happening, but her tired body needed rest. Walking aimlessly through town, she spotted a structure that might work. Tired, hungry and cold, she headed for her new shelter. She was homeless and living from one handout to the next in a trailer park.
Scruffy's BabiesScruffy is a very smart, loveable dog Who is a survivor!  No one knew where she came from or anything about her. The obvious happened, and before Scruffy knew it, she crawled into a heating vent underneath a trailer and became a momma. She had a litter of ten puppies. Worried and scared like most new moms, all Scruffy wanted to do was to take care of her babies, and like any mother, she did what she had to, to provide for her pups.
Then fate intervened. Scared and unsure of whom to trust, when forIMG_4947 so long, she had to depend on herself. Scruffy, though scared, went willingly when help arrived, and prayed her life and the life of her puppies would prosper.
IMG_4946The wonderful volunteers of Second Chance Pet Group rescued Scruffy and her puppies, that day moving her out of the trailer park, to a wonderful foster home. Fostered by a wonderful lady, who gave them, love, food and shelter, and the most diligent and compassionate care Scruffy had ever had. During her stay with her new Foster Human, Scruffy and her babies thrived, when all hope was lost. Scruffy had the tools and help needed to be an excellent mother to her puppies despite a serious ringworm infestation that thrived hindering their health.
Though Scruffy believed her stay with her Foster Human would be IMG_4945brief, the infection in her babies, allowed her more time, to bond, and help her children get well. Over a period of four months, Scruffy and her babies thrived as each of her children received the medical attention they needed. When all were healthy, and rambunctious, it was time for another adventure!
IMG_4944The day had come, and on some level Scruffy knew, she wouldn’t be able to keep her babies, but trusted the Humans from Second Chance Pet Group. On on a warm spring morning, Scruffy said good bye to her babies.
The wonderful volunteers and saviors, of Second Chance Pet Group,IMG_4941 loaded up her babies and made the long trip  down to the Atlanta Humane Society, in Atlanta, Georgia, where the amazing volunteers fed, washed, and took numerous pictures of her babies. Then before anyone could blink, the most amazing thing happened!
ALL of her babies were adopted into loving homes.
But that’s not where this story ends…
IMG_4940Though Scruffy was thrilled that her children went to loving Human homes, she wondered what fate had in store for her. As it so happened, Destiny happened! One day, the volunteers from Second Chance Pet Group decided Scruffy needed to see the world. After buying her a ticket, Scruffy boarded a transport and headed to the great Northeast, where she was met by a Human of her own! Now, a member of a loving family, Scruffy has a forever home of her own. She now travels extensively with her Human family and is a frequent visitor to the city of lights…New York City. No longer, hungry, scared, or cold, Scruffy found her happily ever after, just as her babies did.
Scruffy is an inspiration to our volunteers because despite every IMG_4938obstacle placed before her, she managed to survive.
If all pet owners would spay and neuter their pets, homeless and abandoned animals would be a thing of the past. Sad situations of abuse and neglect would be no more.
We encourage everyone to participate in the FIX YOUR CRITTER-PREVENT A LITTER PROGRAM!



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