July 2015


Hello Humans! My name is Buck. If you have the time, I would like to tell you my story. Like most stories, I have a beginning, a not so nice middle but I did get my happily ever after. So sit back and relax…

Once Upon a Time…in the mountains of Southern Tennessee lived me…Buck. Like most families, I had brothers and sisters, eight of them in total. I guess we got along like most siblings, gnawing on each others tails, barking and playing like most kids do. I wish I could remember my mom, but I can’t. Times weren’t easy for me and my brothers and sisters back then, but we survived.

I don’t remember what day it was but I was playing on the front porch with my brothers and sisters and I fell. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had hurt my leg. You see, I’m a boy and boys don’t cry…well, at least I didn’t. Then one day, some really nice humans from Second Chance Pet Group came over to see me and my siblings. They were so nice and all of us were really excited to meet them. Before I knew what was happening…I got to ride in my first car! How awesome was that? I love cars!

The human folks at Second Chance Pet Group did so many things for us. They gave us plenty of food, a warm bed to sleep in, they gave us a place to play and they even took us to see the doctor. Yeah…I didn’t like that part so much, but it was okay because I got snacks! Apparently I was very popular, because the Doctors really liked taking pictures of me. Even the nurses were very friendly, always packing me around everywhere and telling me what a good boy I was.  Then came the news that I didn’t just hurt my leg. I broke it!

What do you know? My first broken leg! The doctors and the humans from Second Chance Pet Group were really nice. I got a really cool looking cast on my leg and I got to have my first sleep over with some really neat people. I was a bit scared, you know being away from my brothers and sisters, but these new humans I stayed with had lots of kids like me and they were really cool…Even the CATS! I did a lot of resting in those first few days, but I regained my strength and soon I was playing hard like everyone else.

After a while, my leg healed and the cast came off. All the humans were so excited that I was once again perfect. My Foster Family was totally awesome and so were the sweet Humans from Second Chance Pet Group. They took such good care of me. The humans told me that while I was healing, all my brothers and sisters found their forever homes. I was kind of bumbed a bit…not seeing my siblings, but they were happy so I was okay.

In the days that followed everyone was excited and lots of pictures were taken. Hey! I’m famous! I had everything I ever wanted, a warm bed, food in my belly and humans to play with, but at nights, when everyone was sleeping, I thought about my brothers and sisters and their forever families. I wondered what it would be like to have a forever family. And that got me thinking…I wanted a Forever Family too!

It was at that moment I knew what I had to do. I had to make the humans find me a Forever Family.