July 2014

            Bella’s Story


 To be an animal living in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee is not an easy feat by anyone’s standards. The temperatures alone are enough to put any human into hypothermia if without cover, but for the four-legged creatures of this region, with no home, the winters can be brutal and very deadly.

This is a story of one animals will to survive and the volunteers who helped make that happen…this is Bella’s Story.

0120141918aIt was a hard, bitter cold winter in Tennessee when Bella showed up. Lost, scared, cold, hungry and afraid, to say that Bella had a rough start was not easy. From the beginning, Bella was a very loving and affectionate dog, who just wanted to be loved. Abandoned as a puppy, she wandered aimlessly, suffering from a severe case of sarcoptic mange. Already hungry and fighting a serious disease, Bella was forced to endure the low temperatures and crisp cool winds of the mountains.

Fortunately, Bella had an angel looking out for her, the Second Chance Pet 0113141503aGroup, and one cold day, the volunteers found little Bella before she froze to death. Starving, thirsty and desperate for attention, Bella was given a temporary shelter in a barn where she was given food, water, and a warm blanket to keep her warm.

0102142008After a few days of food, water, and rest, the Second Chance Pet Group took Bella to her first Veterinary visit, and helped provide the medical assistance Bella needed for her sarcoptic mange. During this time, Bella was placed with a wonderful family who eagerly fostered her during her time of need. Bella thrived with the loving care she received from her foster family and soon her fur began to grow back. She developed a playful, gentle manner and a good disposition. Once Bella’s mange was gone, the Second Chance Pet Group volunteers picked Bella up and took her to a ‘NO KILL’ adoption center with several other puppies for altering and adoption.


I wish I could tell you that this is where Bella found her happily ever after, but I can’t… Bella’s story of survival was not over.


Once Bella arrived at the adoption center, it was discovered that she developed demodectic mange. A setback by most standards, but Bella’s cheery disposition refused to get her down. Withdrawn from the adoption pool, Bella was once again under a Veterinarians care for treatment, and she was sent to stay with a second foster caregiver, where she was cared for during this recovery.

After several weeks, Bella was again well and thriving, ready to face the world and to find her a new human home. Bella didn’t have to wait long. After returning to the adoption center, Bella was adopted almost immediately after she passed her final veterinary examination.

Through it all, Bella never faltered, never gave up. With the help and support of the Second Chance Pet Group and her foster families, they gave Bella the strength she needed to survive and find her happiness.

Rescue efforts like Bella’s could not happen without the generous support of foundations. We would like to thank the Greg Biffle Foundation for their financial support.


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