February 2016


Sassy 3What can we say about Sassy. A sweet, loving dog, Sassy didn’t have the beginnings we would have loved. Instead, she is what we consider a survivor.  It was by the grace of God, that Sassy was found by a good Samaritan who took her to the vet.  While there, the Second Chance Pet Group was notified. Sassy had managed to survive the unimaginable and us at Second Chance Pet Group were determined that Sassy had us in her corner.


After a clean bill of health from the Vet, Sassy was taken to one of our numerous foster families, where she lived with 5 dogs and 2 cats. She soon became friends with a small beagle and they played long and hard in the yard. Sassy was once again able to run and be the loving dog she always intended to be. With lots of love and support, Sassy’s confidence grew.



When the time came to take Sassy to the Atlanta Humane Society, members of the Second Chance Pet Group were there with her, all the way, giving her our love, devotion and unconditional support.

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It’s always a blessing to us that animals who didn’t have the best start in life, can live out the rest of their lives with all the love and compassion they deserve, and that is exactly what happened with Sassy, when she met her FOREVER FAMILY.

Sassy 2



Sassy will always be special to us and we wish her many years of joy, happiness and love.