August 2015



The Forever Family Journey Continues.

Did you humans know that the word ‘transport’ doesn’t mean you’re getting on a train? ME NEITHER! I was so bumbed. I thought I was going to get to be a Hobo!

Anyway….lets get back to my story.

After weeks of pictures, it seemed that someone finally  wanted me. They really wanted ME! Finally the day I had been looking forward to had arrived. I was going to get to ride on a transport and travel to my new Forever Home and meet my new Forever Family. I was so excited. Though I was sad to say goodbye to my Foster Family and the nice humans at Second Chance Pet Group, I was eager and a little scared to start the next part of my journey.

Miles and Miles…there were so many miles to travel. I slept most of the way but I did get to see some awesome sites. Oh…and I left my mark at every stop. Nothin’ like saying, “Buck was Here!” in Delaware!

Mass-festival-signFinally after many hours, the transport stopped. I looked out the window and boy, were there allot of humans walking around. I wondered which one was mine. I wish I could say I was patient, well as patient as a young boy could be, but my anxiousness faded, when it was my turn to get off the transport and that’s when I saw her and I just knew. She was my Forever Human…Kathryn.

Kathryn was so pretty. She looked nervous like I did and she had the biggest, most prettiest smile on her face. When she saw me, her face brightened. After all the worries and the fears, just one look at her and she made all of that fade. I knew I was home.

I didn’t know who was happier, me or her!

After stretching my legs, Kathryn and I hoped into her car and hit the road! ROAD TRIP! She loves cars like I do….how awesome is that! With my nose out the window and jamming to tunes on the radio, Kathryn and I headed towards a place called Massachusetts. Massachusetts smelled GREAT! Nothing like Tennessee.

20150725_124748Our road trip ended in front of this large apartment building. Kathryn was eager to show me where I was going to live and I must admit I was excited too. I’ve never been in an apartment before. I couldn’t wait to see everything. That was until Kathryn showed me…a Hedgehog! Um…I wasn’t so sure about that thing. What was it? Was it even human? I stayed away from it for a while until I could further investigate and make sure it wasn’t going to harm my Forever Human. However after further inspection, I decided it could stay.

Now, I spend my days going on walks at the dog park, doggie daycare and getting Ice-Cream…that is my favorite!  I get to spend time with my new ‘cousins’ who have a pool.

Buck's bigger boneMost people say that I am spoiled, but not according to my Kathryn, she says I’m pampered and there is a difference.

My journey wasn’t like most, but I did have a happy beginning and a Happily Ever After. I learned allot along the way too, like just because I had a broken leg doesn’t mean I’m broken. I still think about my Foster Family and the nice Humans from Second Chance Pet Group every now and then and I wonder if they are as happy as I am now. I talk to my Kathryn about it from time to time and she always says, “Learn to look for the Sun Buck, keep wagging your tail, for better things are yet to come.”