August 2014

Jasper’s Story


My name is Jasper. Before I went to live with my humans, I didn’t have a name, but now I do, thanks to my human family and the volunteers at Second Chance Pet Group. This is my story…

“Oh my, it’s getting light out,” she thought walking faster now through the grass, as the warm sun crept up. Faster now, she moved, looking for a place to sleep the day away. Looking here and there, she needed find a place to hide, a place where she’d be safe and sound. A good place, a dark place, away from the noise, away from the streets, but mostly away from the humans.

Hurrying faster than before, she knew it was around here somewhere, but where. Was it under the fence, through the ivy, and turn right at the tree or was it to the left?

“No, I’ll go right. If I am lucky, there will still be water in the puddles for me to drink from last night’s rain.”

Sighing in relief, she found it. It was there, just between the wall and the fence, a good place to hide. Many big green plants, so she wouldn’t be seen while she slept. The humans didn’t come to the back of this place full of trees, plants, and bugs.

“Yes, that looks like a good place, between the wall and all those big plants. I’ll be safe here, I hope.” Moving quietly, she looked around one more time, before hunkering down in the shade. “Wow, I am tired. That dog chased me forever last night. I am so hungry. I had to leave that spoiled meat in the trashcan, when that human came. Maybe they won’t be around tonight and I can still find some scraps. I miss momma and my brothers and sisters. I hope they are okay. Maybe I’ll find them tomorrow.”

She lay there very quiet as her Mom taught her to, and finally fell asleep, unknowing that when she woke, her life was going to change.

A sound startled her, she woke with a jolt, “What’s that I hear and what’s that smell? It smells so good.” Her tummy rumbled. Getting up, she listened, and there it was again, that strange sound.

“Come kitty, it’s okay. I brought you some food. Aren’t you hungry? I promise I won’t hurt you.” The small human said. She didn’t know what to do. Her momma told her to stay away from the humans, that they were scary, but this human didn’t look scary. It looked nice, and it did bring her food. Scared and unsure, and so hungry, she stepped out of the leaves, and slowly walked towards the small human.

The human didn’t move, but she smiled pretty. She looked kind.

Moving closer she inched towards the food. She was so close she could taste it, and within seconds, she was devouring the yummy food. Just as she started to eat, the food was all gone. “Oh, that tasted good. I wish there was more. I am so hungry.”

“You’re such a pretty kitty. Can I pet you?” the small human said, with her hand out.

She saw more food in the humans hand. She was so hungry, she wanted more, needed more, and walked over to the human…the human who would become her savior.


20140829_171501[1]That was my story. That was the way I lived one month ago, before my human rescued me. Her name is Megan, and she helps with the Second Chance Pet Group, the wonderful organization who helped her rescue, me. I love Megan, and the other humans I live with, especially my Jayden, who gave me a real name…Jasper.

Jayden is my best friend, my buddy, my pal. I help him with his 20140829_184043[1]homework, and he plays with me. I am no longer hungry, because my humans give me all the food I want, and when I am thirsty, they give me lots of water to drink. However, my good fortune didn’t stop there. I have a nice warm bed to sleep in every night, and lots of shade to sleep away the warn sunny days. I also have new fur-friends, who welcomed me into their home.

20140829_171412[1]Getting ready for bed, Jayden gives me a quick scratch under my chin, and it feels so good. “Good Night Jasper. I’ll see you in the morning.” And I know I will… Before I close my eyes, I look out the window next to my bed and say, “Thank You Great Cat in the sky for blessing me with my human family and my new fur-family, but if you’re not too busy, please help my momma, brothers, and sisters to find good humans of their own someday…Amen.”

Jasper’s story ended on a good note, but there are so many feral cats and kittens out there in the world. Please SPAY & NEUTER your animals, and help Jasper save her family!

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