April 2016

Evi, Eli and Emry

Eli Emry3 Evi


The Second Chance Pet Group receives many calls regarding animals every month. To the best of our ability, we try to help, investigate and rescue as many as we can. Though, most of our stories end with happy endings, there are the rare occasions when they don’t. When that happens, we mourn those who we couldn’t save and focus on the ones we could.

When we received the call regarding Eli, Evi and Emry, like all the times before, we immediately took action. Though we were unable to save Eli’s, Evi’s and Emry’s brothers and sisters, we were able to save these three. Loving and happy pups, these three were rescued and swiftly adopted into FOREVER FAMILIES.

Thanks to the quick action of the Second Chance Pet Group and with help from the Atlanta Humane Society, Eli, Evi and Emry will never know the hardships of being without food, or cold. It is our belief that all animals deserve a chance at life and to know love.

Please, if you have an animal…please SPAY and NEUTER!