April 2015

Welcome to the Second Chance Dating Service!!!

 Bryndle Bear

Mr. Btyndle Bear likes to ride on a slide. He is a handsome fella, who prefers longs walks in the sun, full mature trees and red fire hydrants. He’s looking for a true love companion and will not settle for anything less. Gotta love his conviction!

Lucy 4-8-2015 Meet Little Ms. Lucy! She’s the adventure type. Loves new shoes and playing in the warm sun. She a little feisty, but who doesn’t love that. So if your looking for someone to tag along while you explore the world, Lucy’s your gal!

Pete 2 Meet Little Mr. Pistol Pete! A true leader of the pack, and  he’s always on the go. There’s no room for lounging with Pete around, so if your looking for a good motivator… Pistol Pete is your guy!


Meet Little Ms. Annie Oakley! Don’t let this cute face fool you folks, Annie Oakley is feisty, rambunctious and full of energy.  She’s a on the go kind of gal, who craves lots of attention, so introverts need not apply. If you’re looking for a fun gal with lots of love to give, then Annie Oakley is your gal!

All of these puppies are now adopted. For more information on animals who still need forever homes, please contact the Atlanta Humane Society.


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